Inmates Running the Asylum – Uninformed Voters

It seems that a loud minority of Americans are calling for federal election voting by mail. They claim this is to ensure all voices are heard. Some insist ballots should be mass mailed without a request being made. One group is fighting back against this idea. Suggesting that many uniformed citizens should not vote.

The Committee for Informed Voters (CIV) has launched a campaign to push back against voting by mail. Joe Lackey, President of CIV says, “The argument against voting by mail has been along the lines of voter fraud. We agree, as many studies have shown, vote by mail will lead to fraud and abuse. However, the bigger issue is we cannot make it so easy for lazy Americans to vote that the uneducated end up voting with no clue what and whom they are voting for.”

CIV cites several statistics that show a significant percentage of the population cannot answer basic questions about the United States. Only 36% of Americans can pass the US Citizenship Test and those under 45 years of age only 19% could pass. "When nearly one in ten cannot answer who the first President of the United States was, we could be in real trouble. The crazy, uninformed and easily manipulated masses could end up electing almost anyone." said Lackey. "We cannot let the inmates run the asylum." CIV has a simple 5 question test that they believe all Americans must answer correctly to be able to vote. The questions are:

  1. What are the three branches of Government that balance power? (Judicial, Legislative, Executive)

  2. What branch of government can declare war? (Legislative)

  3. What governmental body confirms appointments to the Supreme Court? (Senate)

  4. What branch of government does the Justice Department report to? (Executive)

  5. What position is third in line to the Presidency? (Speaker of the House)

Mr. Lackey says, “We took this quiz to several cities that are pushing for mass mail voting and ask people the five questions. You would be terrified how few could answer even one question correctly. These people should not vote in federal elections. They have no interest nor any point of view that makes any sense. They just want free stuff.” interviewed several possible voters and found similar findings. Jerry Jammin, Denver pothead and skateboarder told us, “Listen man, all I know is that Trump is a racist and a billionaire. I think billionaires should not be racist and should share their money.” Mazzie Marquette (stage name), adult movie actress and dancer said, “I work hard for my money and don’t want the IRS taxing my tips. Tips are their to insure I give prompt service and honey I am all about that.” has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. To get all of our posts consider subscribing.

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