Inmates Running the Asylum – Playing Games continues its series on “Inmates Running the Asylum” by focusing on the wide world of professional sports.

We in the heartland and those with heartland sensibilities find it hard to take those that play games for a living very seriously. Yes, we can respect the sheer awesomeness of athletic ability. However, the minute most players step outside the arena, our respect turns to disdain, laughter, or a mix of both. Who really takes elitist LeBron James seriously when he talks for the common man? No one would mistake him for a serious thinker. The man has been treated like a sports god since adolescence.

There are those that agree with Lebron James though. Those aged 18-35 in the soy milk drinking demographic have voiced great support for the NBA and LeBron James. This has not turned into revenue however as many find such an American and masculine pastime like sports to be both un-American and too masculine.

Here is what’s got many of us at shaking our heads:

  • The National Football League, National Hockey League and the Major League Baseball Players Association are nonprofit organizations. They get charity tax breaks funded by taxpayers of this country. The same country they seem to blast as “racist” through their support of kneeling during the national anthem.

  • LeBron James and others chided Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey after he expressed mild support for the pro-freedom protesters in Hong Kong. A big no no given how the NBA is cozying up to communist China. High school graduate James even told the Northwestern and MIT graduate that he needed to “educate” himself on the situation.

  • During an interview, NFL Quarterback Drew Brees said he did not support kneeling for the National Anthem and disrespecting the American flag. He must’ve thought he still worked in a sport that valued free speech and patriotism. He apologized not once but twice for saying such traitorous lies.

  • The NBA has painted “Black Lives Matter” on the courts that house NBA games for the remainder of the 2019-20 season. The NBA serves as a perfect rebuttal to the claim that America suffers from “systemic racism.” After all, the NBA is made up of predominantly wealthy black athletes in a country where blacks are a numerical minority. They may be colorblind but they are definitely tone deaf.

Sportscaster Jimmy Jackal said, “Sports used to be entertainment that allowed all of us, no matter our politics, to come together and enjoy a game. Something we had in common. I don’t know how all this activism is good for ratings.” It looks like it may not be. Ratings for baseball and basketball are down significantly.

Focusing on sports rather than politics is probably the right call. “The Match” charity golf tournament held in May broke cable viewership records with 6 million people watching. And my guess is no political arguments broke out. Let’s hope the NFL changes course and does not follow the NBA’s game plan. has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. To get all of our posts consider subscribing.

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