Inaugural Address Biden Wants to Give was able to obtain an early draft of President elect Joe Biden’s Inaugural address. Below we have included several excerpts from the speech:

“My fellow Americans. The bad orange man is gone! You no longer need to be afraid. (look out over crowd with smile). America will build back better.

America will be better because you will gladly pay higher taxes. You will give your fair share so those in need will shake the helping hand of government. Yes, we the hard-working people of this nation will sacrifice to help the teacher’s unions, Planned Parenthood, bankrupt state governments, public broadcasting, our institutions of higher education and the ever-increasing federal bureaucracy. Yes, they will build back better to help us be better.

America will be better because we will stop the drastic effects of climate change. No longer will we chase the folly of energy independence while we pollute the air and waters. No! (pause for dramatic effect), we the largest and most prosperous country on earth will sacrifice to help our global community. While China and India go on polluting to drive their economies, we will be the shining example for them to follow. Yes, some will sacrifice by losing jobs and we all will pay higher energy prices but, we know, it is for the good of the world.

America will be better because we will stomp out hate. No longer will you be afraid of what others say. Our government in cooperation with our big tech partners and friendly news media will insure anyone doubting our direction or methods will be censored and removed. You no longer will be exposed to hate speech. We will enlist our justice department, CIA and FBI to root out all haters and bring them to justice. Unity is on hand my fellow Americans as I encourage you to expose all dissenters and haters whether they be family, friend or foe.

We know many of you are scared. You hide in your homes with your masks. You keep your children home from school and avoid church gatherings and other super spreader events. You have made us proud by your willingness to give up your personal freedoms with very little dissent. Let me be clear, help is on the way! (look out over the crowd with smile). Trust in those richer, smarter and more connected than you. Believe the media and Hollywood. Support our big tech partners and our global elites. Follow those of us that are better than you.

Yes, my fellow Americans, welcome to a better America.” has been told the Biden Administration press and media advisors have made some changes to the speech that will be delivered later today but we know this is what Biden wanted to say. has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. To get all of our posts consider subscribing.

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