How About Some Common Sense?

Spending time listening or reading the news we find ourselves asking the question: “Have they lost their ever-loving minds?” It seems the craziest of the inmates are running the asylum these days. At times, the ideas seem so nonsensical that you have to check to make sure they are not a spoof or a comedy act. Maybe you really are on candid camera or am I just going crazy?

Well, we would like to assure you that you are not going crazy. The progressives are indeed nonsensical and have lost all ability to use common sense or logic. They pick and choose what to believe as it pertains to the world, the one they wished they lived in. You know, the one with pink unicorns and no bullies. Where they are the prettiest, smartest and most capable. They are taken care of and allowed free range to pursue any pleasure no matter how immoral or unjust. Oh, and by the way, they insist you go along with them.

When the crazies come out just keep the following common-sense principles in mind:

  • Only Women have uteruses. It is basic science despite what some deranged doctors and “professional” publications say. No matter how much men pretend, dress or even mutilate themselves, they are not female. Only women produce eggs, have babies and breast feed. Men pretending to be women should not be in women’s sports, locker rooms or prisons. Less than one half of one percent of the population should not have rights over biological women.

  • Parents matter. The most important people in a child’s life are not their teachers, school boards or government officials. It’s their parents. Parents are ultimately responsible for educating children and protecting them. Two are better then one and a mother and father play important and differing roles in the raising of the child. That’s not an opinion, it’s a fact proven over thousands of years. Parents protecting their children and challenging the educational, medical and media establishmentss are not terrorists.

  • Public school has reached its expiration date. Especially in California, New York and most large school districts. Exposing kids to sex beyond biology, gender ideology and race theory is not ok. Pushing anti American sentiment is not ok. Keeping things from parents about their child is not ok. It seems school choice and an abundance of private options are the only paths forward.

  • Bisexual Superman is just dumb. The comics have gone completely woke as less than super, Superman now fights for social justice and the ravages of a changing climate. Yeah, that will sell.

  • Suggesting some races are good and others bad is racist. Grouping people by race and suggesting they are all the same is immoral. It’s time we call diversity, equity and inclusion by its real name. Racism.

  • Government officials are public servants. They work for us. We should not respect their office. We should hold them accountable and not oblige as they try to gain more and more power. We have a moral obligation to push back when our freedom is threatened.

  • Apologizing to the woke mob is never OK. Wokism is authoritarian, corrupt, immoral, and wicked. Fair thinking, real world Americans should never apologize to these bullies.

  • Defunding the police increases crime. Who saw that one coming? Millions of our fellow Americans, especially those that live in the inner city are under threat from bad people. A strong police presence is the best crime deterrent. Just ask those that live there, they know. And for the liberal elites that push that nonsense? Time to pour ridicule into their cozy, gate protected, private security life.

  • IRS access to private financial data is not about tax fraud. Its about control. Once they have eyes on your financial life, they can begin to control what you buy and who you buy it from. Want to fix tax fraud? A flat tax that everyone pays with no deductions will go a long way. It also would allow us to cut our IRS budget by 80%.

Isn’t it amazing that we are producing millions of “highly educated” citizens yet they have no common sense?

It seems that we could use a few less "educated", "sophisticated" and woke Americans and more that just have their shit together. Just saying. has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. Please consider subscribing. You can also find us at

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