“Houston, We Have a Problem”

“Houston, we have a problem” was spoken by Tom Hanks in the movie Apollo 13. Those of us that have seen the movie, read the books or actually lived through the news of the explosion and heroic efforts by NASA, know that in the end, Apollo 13 returned to earth safely.

Since then, the phrase "Houston, we have a problem" has become popular. Being used to account for the emergence of an unforeseen problem, often with a sense of ironic understatement. Well, it’s time for us to mimic that phrase with a new one. “America, we have a problem”. And unless we pull together as a country, we will not return to a sense of normality, unity and prosperity.

First, we must understand that the problem is NOT systematic racism, homophobia, climate change or COVID. The problem is not God-fearing people who believe in a strong two parent household, education that promotes critical thinking and individual freedom. It is not the millions of legal gun owners or those that drive pickup trucks. It is not the pro-life or pro-choice people. No, despite what the politicians and their media mouth piece say, that is not America’s problem. It is just fear porn to distract from the larger and more insidious problem.

America’s problem is that it’s institutions have been taken over and held hostage by power hungry control freaks that have no interest in promoting the American ideal. Some would say they are Marxists, socialists or anarchists. But that is giving them too much credit. They are just powerful global elites that want to protect and grow what they have. Whether they are in government, education, Hollywood or the media, it is all the same: elites using the system and narratives to grow in power and riches. Fooling millions along the way. Let’s take a look:

  • Government. Picking and choosing what immigration laws to enforce and letting hundreds of thousands into the country without as much as a covid test. An incompetent handling of the US economy which has spurred inflation, causing a surge in consumer prices and incentivized people to stay home rather than seek work. All while handing out hard working American’s taxes to appease the masses with a promise of goodies. COVID-19 mandates that have hurt small business and restricted American liberties. A Justice Department that applies US law arbitrarily. Throwing the full weight of the criminal justice system against the January 6 rioters while letting thousands of rioters, looters and violent criminals slide during the BLM riots of 2020. Yes, unelected bureaucrats pushing rules like mandates, eviction moratoriums, race based agricultural handouts and regulations to protect their own. It really doesn’t matter who is in office. It is the influence peddlers, lobbyists, NGOs and heads of agencies that have the real power and too many elected officials just go along so they can have a piece of the power pie.

  • Education. Ever ask yourself how many of our children are being taught about man’s tendency to abuse power throughout history? How about the number of conservative teachers in our colleges and universities? What ever happened to promoting the free exchange of ideas on campus through real diversity of thought? Nope, leftist colleges produce leftist teachers that teach leftist ideology to our children. Rinse and repeat. It has been going on so long that most don’t even realize that children are taught what to think rather than how to think.

  • Hollywood. When is the last time you saw a great movie? Hollywood does not produce them anymore. They are almost all formulaic retreads. Super heroes replace real heroes, women act like men as a guise to empowerment while every movie, TV program and even commercials check all the woke boxes. Want to play a drinking game? Watch an afternoon of TV and drink every time you see a gay person or couple, a trans person, a “together” women making fun of a dumb man or a disabled person. You will be too drunk to eat dinner.

  • Media. Did you hear much about the border before the horse whipping? If not, you are being played. The border has been a mess for a year. Drugs, criminals and sex traffickers are coming across in record numbers but you didn’t hear much until a narrative about supposedly bad border patrol agents could be told. Hearing much about Americans and green card holders in Afghanistan now? The Taliban is hunting them down as we speak but corporate media wants us to move on. How about therapeutics for Covid, the bad economic condition in blue states or the fact that young children do not die from Covid (less than a thousand out of 50 million)? Do you still think the Hunter Biden story was Russian disinformation? The media power elites are driving narratives to protect those that share their power with them. It’s a vicious cycle and our freedom is at stake.

America, we have a problem. The solutions are in front of us. Elect officials that want to shrink government, promote strong families and protect individual freedom. Get involved in your kids’ school protesting leftist indoctrination and promote school choice. Consider looking for alternatives to a college degree. Stop giving dollars to Hollywood and the companies that promote leftist narratives. Diversify your news media choices and question narratives on the left and the right.

America, we have a problem and it will take a heroic effort from everyday Americans to fix it. Put down the pizza, the pipe, the beer, the controller, remote control and shut the lap top.

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