Hollywood Launches “EGOAID” To Support Actors

The Screen Actors Guild announced a relief effort has been launched to support Hollywood actors. Today’s announcement surmised, “Hollywood actors are some of the most generous Americans, often helping causes that directly support common people. So today in an effort to give back to those that work so hard to entertain and educate the regular folks, we announce an effort called EGOAID. Stars from around the world will participate raising money for virtual award shows, private jet trips, podcasts dedicated to the actor’s previous work, online political rallies, and other activities used to raise the profiles of all our beloved stars.”

Movie critic Tom Perrmtan said in a column today, “I think this is a great idea. My friends in the industry are really down right now. They have little to do but sit at home and post commentary, pictures and short videos online. No big productions, make-up and written lines to show off their talent.” The COVID-19 pandemic has been especially hard on top actors and actresses. Movie theaters are shut down across the country and streaming services have not made up for the loss of Hollywood blockbusters. Especially when you consider the lack of PR events, fundraisers and other events Hollywood uses to get keep their names and beautiful faces out there.

Actress Patty Flackjaw, best known for her work on the hit series, Virtue Signalers, said, “I have weathered the storm pretty well. I have used this time to get closely in touch with my fans. Just yesterday, I had an online chat where we discussed my workout routine, my favorite type of Champaign, interview techniques for household help and how best to clean expensive jewelry”. Many stars have agreed to participate in EGOAID with a performers list being released shortly.

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