Search Threatened with Law Suit

According to Dean Erlandson, Chief Nonsense Officer for, the company was threatened with a lawsuit recently. Speaking to Mr. Erlandson he said, “a friend of mine called and told me ‘you better be careful; you are skewering some sacred cows.’ Now, he is no lawyer but he knows several of them so I consider that a thinly veiled threat.”

A company insider remarked, “the Human Resources, Legal and Public Relation teams went into high gear. This is like the Super Bowl for them. Legal immediately devised a two-part plan for counter suing and taking legal action against the internet provider that allows such trash to be published. Human resources proposed sensitivity training and quiet spaces where employees can be with their thoughts and play on their phones when no one is looking.”

Rumor is the PR team recommended a large cash donation to a politically correct non-profit organization with major photo op. This would be used to maximize virtue signaling on various social media platforms. Catching up to Mr. Erlandson, we asked him about these ideas. He said “No truth to them. At we practice the words of a popular country song from awhile back. ‘We ain’t wrong, we ain’t sorry and it’s probably going to happen again.’”

If you see some truth in this satire try subscribing to before we are sued out of existence. It’s free and all it takes is the ability to laugh at political correctness and the absurdities of current events.

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