HeartlandNews.Net Launches New Marketing Plan – “Wokeness”

HeartlandNews,net is set to launch a new marketing effort according to insiders. Codename “Wokeness.” “This plan is designed to attract a younger demographic more in tune with social justice, environmental concerns and economic realities of today,” according to an employee no longer with the company. He said, “They were inspired by all the companies, sports organizations and think tanks getting involved with leftist causes on social media and wondered ‘why are they doing that?’ As it turns out, it’s all about the money.”

The proposed marketing plan was leaked recently, and here are some of the main conclusions:

  • Deemphasize boomer generation. They are not the future. Focus on Generations X and Y. These consumers are entering peak consumption and family formation ages. Due to education and indoctrination they believe the world is against them and they have no control.

  • Use the word justice whenever possible. Racial justice, environmental justice, and economic justice sound very appealing but do not really mean anything. If challenged, you can define them to fit a changing narrative.

  • Create an enemy. Despite no proof that wide swaths of consumers are racist, homophobes, misogynists, or climate deniers, communicate as if there are. It must be “us versus them.”

  • Although this marketing plan will alienate the “silent majority” of consumers, cancel culture will keep them from strongly voicing opposition. In addition, they continue to do business with organizations that denounce their lifestyle and patriotism.

  • Review the actions of organizations during the Minneapolis riots. The marketing and pandering to the target audience was some of the best work we have seen.

  • Wait for the next “crisis” and act quickly. Have the social marketing plan “in the can” and ready to go. It will follow a typical narrative (race, women, climate, and economic issues) with only a few specifics needed to customize. The key to good pandering is to be fast and current.

We asked President and Chief Nonsense Officer, Dean Erlandson about the plan. He said, “It was some of the best analysis we have seen. However, it is not our brand and we will not be going forward. We are speaking truth to power and what we have seen from many organizations is manipulation and short-term thinking. We believe American consumers will see through it eventually and remember organizations that have pandered for their business. But even if they do not, we couldn’t live with ourselves,” has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. To get all of our posts consider subscribing.

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