Group: “Stop Affirmative Action in Politics”

Critics of affirmative action have long stated not only is the practice racist, but it also disadvantages those it is supposed to be helping. They offer as proof dropout rates in colleges by those that enter due in part to racial preference are significantly higher than average. Now, a group is saying a type of affirmative action in politics is actually hurting the Democratic Party. “This is not racially driven,” says the president of Society for Fair Politics (SFP), Nancy Fullofit. She added, “It allows dumb politicians to win elections and stay in power despite not being very bright.”

In a recent whitepaper, the SFP cites the following cultural affirmative action preferences are giving a “free pass” to left leaning politicians. The biased news media, academia and Hollywood sing the praises of Democrats, run interference and do not challenge them. The paper says, “It helps in the short run, but tough questioning and challenges hone the skills of politicians and that is lost on democrats. They lose the ability to reason and form a complete sentence.” The paper offers several examples:

  • Joe Biden - His wife has been grilled harder in interviews than he has, unless you include the recent talk with news journalist Cardi B. They estimate, “He has lost about 20% of his brain power and he was no scholar to begin with.”

  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – Recently proposed the Progressive Pen Pal Program to help rescue the United States Post Office. I wonder how everyone sending a letter to each other helps the environment? Guess it doesn’t matter since we are all going to die in 11 years.

  • Adam Schiff – The once aspiring Hollywood writer has been a complete impeachment and RussiaGate flameout despite continually saying he had proof. He also accused Tucker Carlson of being a Russian spy.

  • Jerry Nadler – Lost out to Adam Schiff to run the impeachment hearings because Adam was better (see above.) He also said he had not heard of the Antifa violence in Portland. Some say he is the most efficient politician in Washington. Arrogant and stupid all in one package.

  • Stacey Abrahams – She lost her run for the Georgia governorship by over 50,000 votes, but claimed victory anyway. A Georgian voter said, “She is a hard worker. We are all born ignorant, but it takes hard work to remain stupid”.

  • Kamala Harris – We cannot fault her for her past. We have all done things we are not proud of. However, not having a better answer for Stephen Colbert when asked about debate comments she made to Joe Biden, about him being a “racist and abuser,” was really dumb. All she could muster was, “It was a debate,” with that wicked cackle. That kind of answer from a Republican would be CNN fodder for weeks.

The SFP is calling for a stop to affirmative action in politics before it ruins the Democratic Party. “If the media, academia and Hollywood do not start to push for more truth, facts and solid policy, we will have complete incompetence in city, state and federal government. After all you can’t run forever on ‘Orange Man Bad.’ You eventually have to lead on ideas and policy.”

One conservative quipped, “I have given up trying to explain myself to stupid people. After all, I am not the jackass whisperer.” has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. To get all of our posts consider subscribing.

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