Group Proposes “National Heterosexual Month” and Others

These days Americans seem to be inundated with special months, weeks and days. Some like Black History month were originally done to educate the public while others such as National Doughnut Day were done as a pure marketing ploy. But as we have seen with the latest “Pride” Month, all have been grabbed by marketers as a way to pander, show how virtuous they are and shlock their product.

It seems everything is in rainbow this month. From Apple’s nod of showing off the many colors of their new iMac to everyone from car companies, media empires, flower retailers, Amazon and the local hair salon pandering to the LGTBQ+ community.

One organization thought it was time for some additional “special months” to recognize groups and educate the public. Spokesperson for the organization, Back to Basics To Teach Americans, (BBTTA), Harry Balls said, “Not only do we hope that this recognition will educate Americans on the true specialness of these groups but we are hoping marketers will adopt them in their advertising campaigns.” The BBTTA suggested the following special recognitions:

  • National Heterosexual Month. Despite all sorts of alternative lifestyles today none of us would be here if a biological man and woman did not get together. We should celebrate and recognize this important truth and celebrate the fact that nature got us to where we are today because of the female egg and the male sperm. To each their own but only one “lifestyle” brought us from the cave to the moon.

  • Year of the Taxpayer. Many Americans seem to forget that our state, local and federal governments do not provide anything unless it is given by the taxpayer. Government creates no services, funding or legislation without those hard-working Americans paying taxes. Time to celebrate the 50% of workers who pay net federal taxes with a hearty “thank you”. We will also recognize all the future generations of taxpayers not yet born that will be paying for our extravagant spending today.

  • Judeo-Christian Month. America, by far the most successful society on earth was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs. The fact that our rights are endowed by a creator, not a government or king, was a profound proclamation 250 years ago. America is not perfect, but is responsible for lifting billions out of extreme poverty and defeating Stalin’s Marxism, Hitler’s Nazism and Mao’s communism that have killed over 100 million people. It is time to shout “God Bless America” and mean it.

  • Husband and Wife Day. Without question the most successful societal unit is a family headed by a wife and husband. Duties such as providing, nurturing and caring for the children by a married couple has been proven throughout the centuries to be the most successful way to raise children and protect the unit from poverty and other life tragedies. With one parent households reaching a historic high it’s time to rediscover the benefits of a committed couple.

Mr. Balls of the BBTTA went on to say, “If we had proposed these just a few years ago people would have laughed at their simplicity and obviousness. But today these truths are often forgotten despite supposedly having the most educated populace in history.”

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