Game of Opposites – Orange Man Bad!

Let’s continue our game of opposites. The game so often played by leftists and those liberals seeking to regain power. This week we will show the hypocrisy of the leftist narrative on our President. I won’t even mention him by name given his last name along with red hats, standing for the flag, refusing to kneel to anyone and castigating rioters are triggers for the so-called tolerant left. We will just call him “Orange Man Bad!”

So, let’s look more closely at the narratives:

  • “Orange Man Bad! is a racist!” – they shout North Carolina, cages and immigration policy as proof positive that he is a racist. Review of the actual comments in North Carolina definitively prove he was talking about historians on both sides of the statue debate – that’s not racist. Cages at the border created and used by the Obama administration – that’s not racist. Immigration policy that is the law of the land – that’s not racist. Oh, and by the way, some people trying to come to our country from other places are escaping shitholes. That’s just funny and we all know that.

  • “Orange Man Bad! is a racist!” (part 2) – The man really sucks at being a racist given he led an economy that lowered black and Hispanic unemployment to the lowest level ever recorded. He also stole away a key democratic talking point on prison reform by actually getting something done.

  • “The division in this country all started with Orange Man Bad!” – Polls clearly state that Americans felt more positive about race relations at the beginning of the Obama administration than at the end of his second term. In eight years, our first black President did much to divide our country. A missed opportunity for sure. The same news media that fawned over and defended Obama have run nearly 90% negative stories on Orange Man Bad! Who again is dividing the country? Orange Man Bad! is not the cause of the division, but the result of an electorate fed up with being called racists and deplorables by the left, Hollywood and the news media.

  • “Orange Man Bad! has mishandled COVID-19!” – Knowing what we know now, things done at all levels to manage the pandemic could have been done better. We all listened to so called experts too much. However, giving a free pass to Governors Cuomo, Murphy and Whitmer that sent thousands to their death in nursing homes is hypocrisy at its highest form. Red states have fared much better than blue states in all measures including economic ones. Dare we ask what the real motivation is to keep the states shut down?

  • “Orange Man Bad! is an authoritarian dictator!” – The man who cut taxes, government regulation and reduce the size of government agencies obviously sucks at being a dictator.

The Democratic National Convention was completely focused on Orange Man Bad! But seriously, is that all you got for a campaign? “Our guy is nice (probably demented,) and your guy is bad, mean and bad!” Did they mention he is bad? Time will tell if this strategy will work but one thing is for sure. The left cannot win in the arena of ideas, and that is why they are not talking about their real agenda of more government, less personal freedom and in some cases the overthrow of the very system that raised the world to a prosperity never imagined just 50 years ago. has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. To get all of our posts consider subscribing.

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