Fix Our National Debt? Sell California

Our California friends often remind us that their state has the fifth largest economy in the world. That got us thinking, if we sold the state could that help pay for all the runaway spending in the US? A quick back of the envelope calculation indicates it would not wipe our debt but would put a significant dent in it. And if we threw in Oregon and New York City we could get really close.

Assuming we could get 5X multiple for the GDP, California would fetch about $11.5 trillion. Our national debt is assumed to be after the next boondoggle from the Biden administration called the “infrastructure bill,” approximately $32 trillion. So, selling California would cut our national debt by 35%. Our interest expense on the debt will drop by over $1.0 trillion each year allowing us to be out of debt in 20 years.

Jerome Diggens, recent California transplant to Phoenix and CBD store owner said, “I think it is a good idea. California has out lived it usefulness and I still think we could get top dollar for it.” agrees so we investigated what acceptable entities could potentially buy California? Here is a short list:

  • Japan – Probably our best choice. We would consider this a friendly takeover. The Japanese like the US and all things American (unlike Californians) and could muster up the funds. They would have to go into significant debt, but given their emphasis on quality they would have the state in tip top shape in about a decade. Of course, Japan is currently a very homogeneous society which would require all Californians to take Japanese as a second language and learn to read since they have a literacy rate of 100%.

  • Drug Cartels – Although they pretty much own everything south of Oceanside today and many think they have more money than God, this would be the worst choice. It would require the USA to build a wall around the state to keep drugs, crime and people out. However, Californians would like the reduction in crime that would follow. Cartels do not like their operations disrupted so unless you are a rival cartel, you will live in relative peace compared to the crime many California cities face today.

  • India – Although it would be a slightly a bigger stretch for India to buy California, they could do it in ways that Californians like; raise everyone’s taxes. And given they will soon be the most populous country in the world with plenty of people to tax including the more than 40 million new citizens they could afford it.

Of course, our biggest enemy Communist China would love to buy the rest of California they don’t already own. Their argument is that they own Hollywood, Big Tech, college campuses and about half of all Democrat politicians in the state today. It would be an easy transition. Most free-thinking Americans would never let the communists gain more power than they have already won by partnering with the political left.

Some Californians may not want to leave the USA so we recommend a quick qualifying test to accept those that align with American values. First, anyone in the last five years who has taught at or attended a public California high school, college or university cannot enter. They are too far gone. Second, if you are inspired by Nancy Pelosi, Cardi B, Lil Nas x or Adam Schiff you are lost. Finally, if you believe in any of the following your brainwashing is complete:

  • America was founded on racism

  • Climate change will end the earth in the foreseeable future

  • Anything AOC says that involves numbers

  • Trump's "fine people" comments were directed at white supremacists

To get the deal done, we suggest throwing in Oregon and New York City, Oregon is not worth much anymore and not sure why we need it. Besides, the Japanese, Drug Cartels or Indians will make quick work of the fascists know as Antifa. Regarding New York City, today it better resembles Snake Plissken’s prison than a productive city.

Admit it, not a bad idea huh? has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. Please consider subscribing. You can also find us at

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