Experts Say… “Don’t Listen to Experts”

Several experts on experts have come out saying we should not listen to experts. John Smoltz, leading expert on experts said, “Many uninformed people think that experts are representing science and truth when in reality they just represent interpretation of science and truth.” He went on to say:

  • All experts have an agenda and are skewing research to match their agenda.

  • Expertise is subjective. Credentials show you went to school and were taught by so called “experts.”

  • Americans tend to believe experts they agree with and not believe those that have a counter argument.

  • Science tends to get closer to truth. However, experts tend to pick and choose the research they want to share or the lens they look through. Remember, so called experts said that the earth was flat, the earth could not sustain a population of 6 billion, Pluto was a planet and polar bears were going extinct.

  • Most people are basically lazy and do not actually review the science and research, just gravitating to the narrative and experts they want to believe.

Mr. Smoltz cited climate change as a good example of experts interpreting the data for their own narrative. “Climate research does show the earth warming. Models being used to predict how warm the earth will get over the next 100 years vary wildly. But one thing is for sure, the predictions over the last ten years have consistently been much higher than actual temperature rise by those promoting ‘Green New Deal’ types of changes.”

Mary Markist, expert on experts and chairwoman of Democrats for Science disagrees with Mr. Smoltz. She says, “Mr. Smoltz is promoting doubt about experts. You can certainly believe some experts.” She went on to say, “We encourage people not to trouble themselves with looking at the actual science and research. You can believe the experts on:

  • Climate Change. We must radically adjust the world economies to keep New York City from going under water in the next decade.

  • COVID. It is doubtful it started in China. It’s deadly and lockdowns are the only way to stop it.

  • Police Racism. Men of color are systematically being gunned down by cops across the country

  • Sex and Gender. Men can be women; women can be men and you can be neither.”

Mr. Smoltz laughed at Ms. Markist’s comments and said, “I will just say that everyone has a computer in their pockets these days. Look it up yourself and review both sides of the argument. If you do that, you will get much closer to the truth than the so called experts”. has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. To get all of our posts consider subscribing.

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