Escape From Canada!

Escape from New York was a science fiction thriller launched in 1981. The storyline concerns a crime-ridden United States, which has converted Manhattan Island in New York City into the country's maximum-security prison. Air Force One is hijacked by insurgents and is deliberately crashed in New York City. Ex-soldier and current federal prisoner Snake Plissken (Kurt Russel) is given just 24 hours to go in and rescue the President of the United States, after which, if successful, Snake will be pardoned.

Much like Manhattan in the movie, Canada under the autocratic leader Justin Trudeau, has become a prison for Canadians. This is not a new development, we called it out fairly early in the pandemic as the Canadian government began closing churches, arresting pastors and requiring traveling citizens to stay in pandemic camps until clearing quarantine. Free speech is curtailed and wokeness has run amok. Severe mandates have been imposed throughout the country that rival New York and New Jersey.

Well, it has gotten worse in the last couple of weeks. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked emergency powers to quell the protests of truck drivers and others who have paralyzed Ottawa and blocked border crossings in anger over the country’s COVID-19 restrictions.

In invoking Canada’s Emergencies Act, which gives the federal government broad powers to restore order, Trudeau ruled out using the military. That’s a relief! His government instead threatened to tow away vehicles to keep essential services running; freeze truckers’ personal and corporate bank accounts; and take further action to strike at their livelihoods and the sources of their financial support. Obviously, most free-thinking Canadians are livid about the heavy handedness of the Trudeau administration.

An American non-profit organization called Import the Strong, Export the Weak (ISEW) is using the latest freedom crushing actions to tell Canadians to “Escape from Canada!”. ISEW President Judy Growapare, said “We invite the freedom loving Canadians to join us in America. Those that do not want to be told what to do or be led around like sheep should escape from Canada as soon as possible”.

Ms. Growapare went on to say that to protect Canada from a severe drain in population, “we propose to send them our weak Americans. You know, those that like being told how to live, love mandates and other restrictions to personal freedom. In other words, most Californians, New Yorkers and virtually everyone living in DC, San Francisco and Chicago”.

Heartland News suggests that we load up a few planes of American elites as well. Those that propose and support restrictions for others but not themselves. I am sure the private jets would be packed for weeks as we export thousands from Hollywood, media companies and state and federal officials.

America would benefit from those Canadians standing up to the tyranny of the left. We send a message “Escape from Canada!” and join us in the free American heartland. has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. Please consider subscribing. You can also find us at

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