Enough of the Pseudo-Outrage

It seems the left has something to be outraged about virtually every day. They find America and its citizens an easy target. They find the littlest of things to be mad about. You think all lives matter? You’re a racist. You think marriage is for a man and a woman, but are ok with live and let live? You’re a homophobe. You voted for Donald Trump? You’re a white supremacist. And if you feel biological girls should compete with girls and biological boys should compete against boys? You’re a transphobe.

No, it gets better. If you achieve any level of success, you did it off the backs of others. You benefited from your whiteness or something called a “patriarchy.” Even if you are not white or male. In fact, in their view, successful blacks, Hispanics or Asians are the worst because they sold out their race and are really white inside. The left lives in a perpetual state of victimhood. They are either victims or want those that have put them in power to believe that they are victims.

They love to hate America. They continually repeat we are a racist country and were founded on racism. Despite America being the most integrated and diverse nation on earth. They claim systemic racism, yet our constitution guarantees the rights of every citizen. They claim unfair economic system, but over 80% of millionaires today are self-made The American dream is quite clear. Get educated and skilled, work hard, get and stay married and have kids (in that order) and your chances of reaching upper middle class or higher is almost guaranteed.

But we know that the outrage is not real. It is pseudo-outrage designed to gain and keep power. They teach it in schools, preach it from the pulpit and scream it from news programs. But they don’t believe it. Not really. How do we know this? Because they stay quiet where real racism, patriarchy, homophobia and transphobia exists. Let’s look:

  • A million or more Uighurs have systematically been jailed, tortured, raped and murdered by the Communist Chinese. Yet no “peaceful” riots against real systematic racism.

  • Slavery exists in many places today including parts of Africa and Asia. Yet no marches on the embassies demanding reparations for those escaping slavery.

  • Throughout the Arab world women are under the control of totalitarian patriarchic regimes. Some cannot vote, choose who to marry, if raped they are then considered untouchable while some can be stoned to death if convicted of infidelity. Yet no PSAs or famous people speaking out against this barbarism.

  • You are not allowed to be gay in Gaza or much of the Middle East. You cannot marry or adopt. Some places you will be killed for being gay. And forget about being transexual or non-binary. It does not exist. Yet, our leaders say very little about their plight and no Pride parades are done in protest.

America remains a beacon of freedom and opportunity for the world. It is time we speak out against those that condemn America and its citizens while turning a blind eye to true evil in the world. We are not perfect, but we strive to be and that makes America the best place on earth. Enough of the pseudo-outrage and quest for power. We see what you are doing and it will not work any longer. has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. Please consider subscribing. You can also find us at

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