Don’t Know? Don’t Vote

TV, print, and social media have been ablaze with messaging about the need for everyone to vote. From commercials during football games, to scholars such as Lebron James and Alyssa Milano telling watchers to make sure their voices are heard. Voting has taken on the moral equivalent of the holy sacraments or the ten commandments.

One organization is fighting back. The Society of Smart Voters (SSV) has launched a campaign called “Don’t Know? Don’t Vote.” Joe Detracto, president of SSV says, “We don’t want uninformed voters voting on November 3rd. They have done little research or investigation into the issues at hand and are voting with emotion. History proves you don’t like the outcome when emotions take over.”

The SSV has published a short questionnaire that registered voters can use to test whether or not they are informed enough to vote:

  1. If the United States moved away from fossil fuels tomorrow, would global warming stop in any significant way?

  2. Can the United States move to 30% or greater renewable energy (wind and solar) over the next 30 years?

  3. Does science prove that the California fires and the intensity of recent hurricanes are due to man made climate change?

  4. Does the Constitution call for the separation of church and state?

  5. Was their proof beyond a reasonable doubt of impeachable offenses by the President?

  6. If Roe vs. Wade was overturned, would abortion be illegal in the United States?

  7. Is current US immigration law racist?

  8. Is Capitalism a system of white supremacy?

  9. Were the terrorist attacks on 9/11 and the moon landing faked by our government?

  10. Agree or disagree: “I believe most everything on the TV program Ancient Aliens”.

The SSV says that if you answer in the affirmative to any of these questions you should stay home on election day. Mr. Detracto says, “This indicates you do not have the basic understanding of issues and voting is actually immoral. You are potentially erasing a vote of someone that has spent time thinking about important issues and not following blind emotion fed to them by entertainment and media sources”.

Another group called Concerned Citizens for Democracy has had a similar program for years called “Stupid People Shouldn’t Vote”. It has failed to catch on with the public. The SSV says “It’s because everyone thinks the other side is stupid and uniformed. We think this simple questionnaire is a better way to go.”

Mr. Detracto said, “A once rich and growing democracy was ruined because of an uninformed populace voting in socialism. Venezuelans wanted the riches of their oil industry to be shared with everyone and now they eat dogs and dig through trash. It’s time we asked voters to care enough to look beyond the hyperbole.” has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. To get all of our posts consider subscribing.

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