Doctors Report Large Increase in Neck Injuries

Doctors around the country are reporting an increase in neck injuries. The damage reported has been mild to very severe as doctors search for a cause.

Some say they have found a likely target. Researchers at the University of Denver, The Ilhan Omar School of Tolerance report that injuries seem to be related to a patient’s reaction to truth. Researcher, Seymore Bosoms reported, “It seems the neck injuries are a result of individuals quickly looking down or away when they confront information that does not match their world view.” In particular the research showed the worst injuries happen when:

  • President Joe Biden speaks off script or poops his pants. This mostly affects Biden voters. Patients violently look down at their shoes resulting in neck problems, some severe. These injuries are often followed by a long-term increase in blood pressure and impotence.

  • When Kamala Harris laughs incessantly. Patients turn their necks away so quickly that most require a neck brace and weeks of physical therapy.

  • Airline passengers reacting to a fellow traveler coughing on a flight. Research suggests that neck injuries are highest among the COVID fearful. In addition to being very afraid they also tend to double mask, mask outside and get highly agitated when hearing news about Florida’s lack of lock downs or mandates.

  • Antifa and BLM remnants. Those that still want to protest, riot and set things on fire. They frantically look around for the news media to cover their shenanigans but mostly to no avail. Now that a new administration is in power the media has no interest in covering those that protest evils of capitalism or so-called systematic racism. In addition to neck ailments, these people also have back problems related to sleeping on their mom’s basement couch. Clinical depression runs high with this group as well as they realize most Americans don’t buy their brand of BS.

  • Journalists trying to avoid reporting on the parade massacre. Every time the name of the Darrell Brooks Jr. is mentioned for driving the red SUV that killed and maimed parade goers in Waukesha, they quickly look away and become pain in the necks. You see, this story does not feed the narrative that all domestic terrorism is caused by white supremacy.

In addition to neck problems, hand injuries related to using a remote control or mouse pad have also been reported. Mr. Bosoms said “these injuries are getting more prevalent as people try to click away from news and social media posts that do not align with everything they have been told to believe. Despite corporate media types trying to censor, distort and ignore facts, the truth is getting out and many on the left are finding it harder to avoid medical and phycological problems as a result.

For the less severe problems, doctors suggest a few things to reduce the chance of injury. First, facing the truth that most everything you have been told to believe from media, college educators, Hollywood and supposed Covid experts was highly manipulated. Realizing that the elitists want Americans to give away their freedom, control and sovereignty. In other words, face the facts that you are being played.

A second highly effective method is to slowly bow your head in prayer. Focusing on something besides yourself for a few moments every day seems to prevent stress brought on by a belief that everything is about you.

Doctor’s orders. Time to face the truth. has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. Please consider subscribing. You can also find us at

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