Colleges Push for Aid to Fill Housing Short Fall

Updated: May 19, 2020

May 16, 2020

The American Association of Universities and Colleges is lobbying congress and state legislatures for additional state and federal aid. It seems the pandemic has led to colleges moving on-line and away from the physical campus as states shutdown. Spokesperson Molly Hangry said in a phone interview “Our members, some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the country have been hit hard by the school closings. Room and board fees as well as student book store proceeds have vanished.” Tuition makes up a fraction of the costs and we rely heavily on profits from rooms and over priced gear, food and supplies to help make up for the high cost of educating our future leaders.”

Education expert, Dale Dummer put it in perspective for us; “Schools can’t take money out of their huge endowments right now. The stock market and other investments have plummeted and removing money now is not prudent.” The association briefly considered recommending tuition increases to make up for the losses but schools pushed back. The association was told tuition increases are already on the books for next year and that money is spoken for. Dummer said “most schools have already earmarked tuition increases for additional diversity training and staff, enforcement officers for harassment claims, mental illness research brought on by hate speech and the building of additional safe zones.”

Students seem to support additional aid. Economics grad student Jerry Addison said “Hey man, I think the government should pay for the losses. After all, we will just take half of what all billionaires make and that should easily cover it”.

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