Colleges Begin Whistleblower Certification Classes

The number of whistleblower cases hitting government, businesses and education institutions has increased significantly in the last several years with some experts suggesting a doubling of cases in the last 12 months alone. To meet this demand, colleges around the country are adding whistleblower certification classes to their business, public policy. law, women’s studies, ethnic studies and liberal arts degrees.

Mark Penn, Director of Diversity for West Hollywood College, CA said, “We believe with some formal coursework in the area of whistleblower effectiveness it could help improve outcomes. Not taking anything away from the groundbreakers who went before us, but in most cases, they made a big splash at first but no real results happened.”

Southwest University’s, in Tucson, AZ, “Whistleblower Effectiveness” course is a 3-unit 12-week course focused on: “Partnering with media, aligning with a political party, understanding and leveraging the outrage culture, creating and documenting all potential grievances, the dos and don’ts of wiretapping and surveillance, supervisor intimidation and how to save your job by using whistleblower techniques.”

Ms. Jennifer Day, Associate Dean of Public Policy at East Bronx College, NY, was asked what specific outcomes are they looking to improve with this coursework? She said, “our main focus is removing high level government and corporate officials, driving political agenda’s and of course generating large cash settlements”. She went on to add “students really seem to like the material and leave with a wish list of potential employers to target.”

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