College Educators Give Biden A+ Grade

A group of college history and political science professors just announced their first semester grade for President Joe Biden. Spokesperson for the Society of Enlightened Higher Educated Citizens of the World, Andrew Shickupurass said in a statement: “The President has earned a grade of A+ for his first semester as our president. We felt it was important to publish his grade now to counter all the negative commentary coming from the authoritarian, racist, homophobic and white supremist right.

Mr. Biden’s report card listed all his accomplishments for this semester:

  1. He is not Trump.

In addition to all his above listed accomplishments he did receive additional feedback on his social skills. They included:

  • Plays well with CNN, New York Times and Washington Post.

  • Does not send out mean tweets.

  • Takes his naps on time.

  • Follows directions well.

  • Very creative use of the teleprompter.

The report card ended with a brief comment “Joe is a delight to have in class. We look forward to his continued progress with the socialist and Marxist agenda.”

Not everyone is happy with the president’s report card. Critics of our higher education system were quick to point out what they saw as grade inflation. Lynn Hardhash, author of the bestselling book College, what are You Paying For? How those that can’t, teach. said, “This grade is way out of line. We see it all the time in higher education. You go along with what the professors want and you get a great grade.”

Ms. Hardash provided several examples of poor performance in the President’s first semester:

  1. Botched Afghanistan withdrawal

  2. Border crisis

  3. Inflation

  4. Poor domestic energy policy

  5. Unemployment

  6. Vaccine roll-out

  7. Governmental spending

In addition, the report card also mentioned some poor skills:

  • Prone to emotional outbursts.

  • Unable to hold cognizant thoughts together.

  • Low energy and effort.

  • Inability to select competent staff or Vice President.

  • Easily bullied by staff and media.

Ms. Hardash said, “Unless Mr. Biden makes significant progress over the next few months, his first-year grade will be an F.”

Well, the college professors got one thing right. Mr. Biden is not Trump. has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. Please consider subscribing. You can also find us at

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