China Offers to Bailout California for Pandemic Losses

The People’s Republic of China has made an offer to the State of California to help erase the budget shortfall brought on by years of deficit spending, pension liabilities, social services commitments, and the COVID-19 state-wide economic shutdown. A joint statement released by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the California Governor’s Office said, “we are looking to enhance our already strong working relationship to improve the lives of every citizen of the great state of California. This could include a ‘gift’ of over $57 Billion.”

In an address to the CCP congress, Finance Minister Xi Pong, said: “during the pandemic, California has demonstrated adherence to best practice policies similar to our ways of protecting people and taking care of them. This included many important moves: 1) the closing of large gatherings most importantly, churches. 2) Supporting social networking companies like YouTube and Twitter as they aggressively censor and de-platform those that lie about China and questioned the states actions. 3) Strong police actions directed at wayward cities and counties that did not get in-line with the state. 4) Arresting and fining those citizens who do not follow the rules. And 5), leaving open the possibility of these progressive measures staying in place indefinitely.”

Part of the bailout provisions includes a large contract for a Chinese company to begin immediate building of several re-education and training facilities designed to help state residents adjust to post pandemic life. California Governor Newsom said, “we think this China option better aligns with our state agenda we have developed over 40 years. Much of the United States has not progressed as far as we have and do not support us.” On a separate note, China has acknowledged that Governors from Michigan, Washington, Wisconsin, and Virginia, as well as mayors from New York, Chicago and Los Angeles have been inquiring about stronger partnerships as well.

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