Californians Sneaking Into Mexico to Escape Wrecked Economy

Mexican authorities have sounded the alarm recently as they seen an increase of Californians sneaking into Mexico and staying beyond the six-month limit proscribed in law. Jesus Rodriguez, Mexico's Deputy Minister for Immigration, said recently “for the first time since the American mandatory draft in the 1960’s we are seeing more migration into Mexico than into California. Our infrastructure and support systems are being stretched to the limit.”

A Californian interviewed in Mexicali that refused to give his name said, “I was afraid that if I waited any longer, I would be unable to sneak across with Trump’s wall going up and the state trying to stop wealthy individuals from leaving. It’s just a matter of time before they pass another tax increase to shore up the floundering economy.” His wife chimed in saying, “We get much more for our money down here and the homeless problem is much less.”

Recently we caught up with a group of Californians in Long Beach as they connected with a “mule” for a ride into Mexico. A seventy-foot yacht called “Phallacy” was about to set sail with two dozen people each paying $20,000 dollars for the day-long trip to an undisclosed location. One passenger sporting a Vineyard Vines pullover and Tommy Bahama shorts said, “Mexico was not our first choice. We considered Nevada, Oregon, Arizona and Texas, but they have made it quite clear they don’t want us there.” Another passenger chimed in saying “besides all those states are going to have to bail out California and New York. No place is safe from big tax increases”.

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