California, Welcome Back to Reality!

In a super duper brave and bold move, California Governor Newsome announced that California will remove the state’s mask mandate on June 15th. That’s right, the middle of June! I guess that is better than some states (Hawaii, New Jersey, Massachusetts) and cities that have no plans of late to remove the mandates. Slow clap for the science based scared citizens from the Golden State. It will be nice to have you join the real world again.

We in the free states that were never under a mask mandate or under the draconian rules that states like California put in place, we welcome you back to freedom. You will now be able to do what we have for over a year; going to indoor restaurants, food shopping, seeing a movie and attending indoor gatherings without a mask. You may be scared but we hope you will reach down deep and find some courage.

Yes, science for some time has suggested that masks and 6 feet social distancing make no sense, especially if a person is vaccinated. California has fared no better than other states despite your elected leaders and the bureaucrats getting off on their power grab. Instead of blindly going along with your supreme leaders we suggest you take your freedom back. While you are at it, you might consider following the science in other aspects of your world:

  1. Schools. Exactly why are many schools still closed to full in-class learning despite the science stating that kids and teachers are safe?

  2. Fires. How many acres burn despite knowing that control burns and less restrictive “environmental” regulations would allow for better forest management?

  3. Clean Energy. Solar is not clean. The mining of rare minerals is devastating to the environment and the Chinese use slave labor in the producing of the panels. Wind is very inefficient and will never amount to more than a miniscule amount of power. Nuclear energy is the answer as you continue to shutter the remaining plants in the state.

  4. Race Theory. Racist pure and simple. It is being used to divide the citizenry and take personal responsibility away from those that would benefit the most from it.

  5. Gender. Two sexes, two genders. It’s biological SCIENCE.

It is reported that the lifting of the mask mandate is troubling to some in your state and around the country. It seems that masks were never about the science but a way to virtue signal and show what team they were on. We see them as they still wear masks outside and when alone. We guess it is just a better way to show how enlightened and woke they are. Much better than the “Coexist” bumper sticker or the “Hate has No Home Here” yard signs.

We anxiously await the next crisis your leaders will use to test your obedience and complacency. We hope you are not offended if we choose not to follow your lead. has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. Please consider subscribing. You can also find us at

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