But I Was a Good Girl

Whoopi Goldberg recently got Covid. As most, she did not suffer a very debilitating episode despite being older and larger. When discussing this with her co-hosts on the View she said, "It was a shock, because I'm triple vaxxed, I haven't been anywhere, I haven't done anything. It's one of those things where you think, I've done everything I was supposed to do”. In other words, she was a good girl and still got Covid.

On one level, we hate to see anyone getting sick from Covid and certainly it is very sad how many have had significant illness and even died. On another level, it is a bit amusing to see all the intelligent good people succumb to the disease that only the knuckle draggers and anti-vaxxers were supposed to get. You know, the scared ones that favor mask and vaccine mandates, lock downs, school closures, social distancing and getting in the face of others that chose to deal with Covid differently.

Yep, despite following the CDC, Dr. Fauci, control hungry bureaucrats and politicians that promised to stop Covid, it seems they are getting it anyway. Some of the pompous, so much smarter good boys and girls are continuing to support the latest doubling down on mandates in hopes of not getting the scourge. Continuing to cower, locked in their homes and looking for a federal solution. The ones that are hogging the tests despite not having any symptoms.

However, many more are waking up to the following:

  • The pandemic was political from the beginning. During the election year, it was used to elect a nearly octogenarian with a questionable brain who promised to “shutdown the virus" while “not shutting down the country.” Our current Vice President and many other opponents of the previous president questioned whether they would ever support anything he promoted including the vaccine.

  • Human psychology proved that people who are scared will do almost anything including giving up their freedoms. In addition, they are willing to have other people do the thinking for them when faced with a complex problem such as the pandemic. Some even supporting unfair and immoral activity in the name of “The Greater Good”.

  • It is time to question many of the institutions that fed the fear and tried to control the message. Corporate and social media, governmental agencies, entertainment and education all share in misleading and shaping the narrative. This included promoting the vaccine while downplaying other therapeutics. Instead of encouraging debate, they aimed to shut down any discussion that went against the “vaccines will solve everything” narrative.

  • Covid like most viruses cannot be stopped. We will have to live with it.

Time for the scared masses to join the rest of us and start living. We must recognize that many in America including our children have been devasted by how we dealt with the pandemic. We must hold those accountable that used the pandemic to gain or keep power, drive ratings and demonize their opponents.

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