Biden’s Over Under Continues to Shrink

Soon after Joe Biden’s election oddsmakers pegged 801 days until he would leave office. Conventional wisdom had him continuing as President through the midterm elections. But since then, the over under on him remaining in office has dramatically shrunk. Let’s explore what the bookies are seeing:

  • His CNN Townhall performance was a mitigated disaster. Not only did he call the genocide of Chinese Uyghurs a “cultural norm,” but he also said that black or brown “folks” don’t know how to use the internet, that military and police members are fueling the “growth of white supremacy,” and the fact he wakes up every morning wondering “where the hell are we?” Let’s not forget at the beginning of the town hall, President Biden claimed he didn't have a COVID vaccine when he came into office. (The first shots occurred on December 14 and one million doses were being administered per day when he took office on January 20).

  • Kamala Harris is speaking to foreign leaders on the behalf of Joe Biden. She has spoken to French President Emmanuel Macron after a talk earlier this month with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, as well as with World Health Organization Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in January. We wonder how these world leaders feel about talking to the second in command? Probably not that bad given they all see the same thing we do.

  • Mr. Biden continues to make insensitive and questionable comments including flirting with a female reporter over 50 years his junior, back peddling on children being back in school within 100 days (now just one day a week qualifies,) and saying there was no plan from the Trump administration to deliver the vaccine.

  • Stacey Abrams is getting a lot of positive press again. This political loser, but opportunist, is viewed to be positioning herself as a VP replacement when Harris takes over.

Lefty Loosie, bookmaker in Bronx, New York said recently, “Our over under on Joe Biden has come down to December 23, 2021. The holidays are usually a slow news period and a good time to transition to Kamala Harris. In addition, Americans are in a charitable mood and more accepting.”

It seems those that placed early money on a longer tenure for Biden are panicking a bit. Lacy Longmire, political gambler who made her fortune on Trump positions is worried. She said, “I bet a sizeable amount on him (Biden) making it though the midterms, but after his performance lately I am shorting my own positions. I mean who takes naps while your VP conducts your business? This guy is failing faster than I thought.”

Political junkies believe we are one major gaffe away from the deep state moving to oust Biden. In fact, some think the ground work has already begun. Albert Lea, political science professor at McGovern Law Center in Minot, North Dakota says, “Preparations are at work for a charitable exit. They will use the excuse of something medical or cognitive. Americans will feel bad, Kamala Harris will talk glowingly as she takes over the reins. Unlike what is happening to Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsome, Biden will not ultimately fight to stay in power. He will exit gracefully.”

For those of us that saw this coming we are not shocked or surprised by the prognosticators. We wonder how many “anyone but Trump” voters really meant “anyone”? has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. Please consider subscribing. You can also find us at

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