Being a Biden Voter Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

“Love Story” was a film launched in 1970 that used a very famous catch phrase: “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” This line was voted #13 of all movie quotes by the American Film Institute. Any husband knows that this is pure BS. We know that saying “I’m sorry” not only needs to be said daily, but followed with “I don’t know what I was thinking” and “it will never happen again” if we want to maintain a loving relationship with our wives.

In the case of Biden voters, however, it seems they never have to say they are sorry. No matter how much they messed up in voting for him. Deep down inside they know they messed up when you see how most Americans feel about the commander in chief. President Biden’s approval rating has dropped to 38%, according to a recent Quinnipiac University poll. That’s down from 42% weeks ago and from a high of 50% in mid-February. Battered on trust, doubted on leadership, and challenged on overall competency, President Biden is being hammered on all sides as his approval rating continues its downward slide.

Let’s look at some of the things Joe Biden and his voters should be sorry for:

  • Energy prices. Oil and natural gas have spiked with no relief in sight. This is a result of the Biden Administration shutting down pipelines and curtailing America’s oil production. Oh, but they did beg OPEC+ for more oil production and they were told to go pound Mideast sand.

  • Race relations. Worse now then in the last 60 years. Critical race theory pushing equity instead of equality combined with victimhood is clearly driving division. Also, let’s not forget that diversity and inclusion efforts are not really supporting either but are used to push woke racism.

  • Afghanistan withdrawal. Simply put, the administration botched this big time. Americans are still stranded over there and women Afghanis like the one from the Afghanistan soccer team are being beheaded. So much for women’s rights.

  • Trans agenda. Pushing crazy ideas like saying “birthing people” instead of mothers, and insisting on gender assignment medical procedures be paid for by the American taxpayers.

  • COVID fear and mandates. Could you ever imagine how paranoid vaccinated Americans would be about those that have elected not to get the Fauci ouchie? The President pushing for its citizens to discriminate against others that made medical decisions that he did not approve of is wrong. Keep in mind many unvaccinated have strong natural immunity.

  • Blow out spending and inflation. Who would have thunk? You push government spending and the printing of more money and prices go up? Biden told us that inflation was “temporary” but now the Fed is saying inflation will be with us for at least another year. You believe it will only be a year?

  • Border crisis. Total disaster at our southern border. The administration is trying to walk back some of its policies but the damage is done. Cartels are shooting at our border agents as human and drug trafficking gets worse.

  • Threatening China. The Biden administration is demonstrating no leadership so the Chinese Communist Party is filling the void. Thousands of Chinese nationals have been kicked out of the country as they continue to steal research secrets and push propaganda in our colleges.

Despite all the serious issues listed above what is the Biden administration focused on? Well, our esteemed Vice President rolled out a new “National Gender Strategy” recently based on no actual data. This follows on the heals of other woke policies instituted in the military, CIA and other agencies. Don't forget the “climate agenda” supported with no actual agenda except to cripple America’s energy independence.

It’s no wonder that we are hearing chants across the country “f*ck Joe Biden” along with the “G” rated version “Let’s Go Brandon!” Americans are fed up.

Our parents taught us that the grown-up thing to do when me mess up is to apologize. Are their any grownups left in the Democratic party or is it all about power and control?

Like a good husband, Biden voters need to apologize. We know you didn’t know what you were thinking and it’s time to never to do it again. has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. Please consider subscribing. You can also find us at

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