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In this time of great challenge, we at want you to know we care. If you hurt, we hurt. Especially if our research says it will help us get more emotionally attached to you. Especially if you will potentially buy more stuff. Especially if it will make our employees feel better about who they work for. And most of all, if it aligns with a favored political narrative that makes us feel virtuous.

At Heartland News we would like you to cut the crap. We are your peers, we are your friends, we are your neighbors. We all hate injustice. We want everyone treted fairly. We do not want anyone to feel threatened or unsafe due to the color of their skin, their sex or their creed. We enjoy seeing others win except of course unless you are a jerk. Then we want you to go down in flames.

Today, in this country, except for a few cretins, news media and political opportunists, we are all on the same side. We may argue about how to make this a better world, but we are not racists, we try to be charitable and we genuinely want people to lead happy, productive lives. We know that your happiness and success does not take away from ours and that all boats can and must rise.

So, do more, say less. Turn off cable news. We are losing a whole generation of men in our cities due to violence. Mostly perpetuated on themselves. That is the heartbreak we see. If you give to a local charity with boots on the ground to stop the violence in our cities, we will match it for the first $1000.00 donated. We will donate our portion to No need to provide a receipt. Just reply to this message with the amount you gave and plug the organization you gave it to. We trust our peers. You say you gave; we believe you. Try not to give to some national charity that perpetuates us vs. them, good vs. evil. Make it local with boots on the ground. Let’s see how fast we can deplete a checking account of some small-time blogger.

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