Are the Teacher Unions Racist?

How has your child’s education been this year? If they are home schooled, attend a private school or live in areas without a strong teachers’ union, probably very well. In fact, I would suggest they have not only thrived but made gains against their big city public school peers. Why? Powerful big city and superb teacher unions have blocked every attempt to get back to school and younger children, especially the disadvantaged, are not learning at home.

The left is fond of finding ways to blame things they don’t like on racism. Just in the last few months we have heard racism blamed for the Washington DC protests, opposition to the green new deal, school grades, math and college entrance exams. Some are calling anyone that did not vote for Joe Biden a racist and those that do not subscribe to leftist dogma; Nazis.

So, with the left getting creative on what they will label racist, why should teacher unions be exempt? Teacher unions in Minneapolis, Chicago, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Northern Virginia and nearly the entire state of California has stopped schools from reopening. Claiming it is unsafe for teachers and the kids during time of COVID. Many of the children suffering are black, Hispanic and economically disadvantaged. Hmmm…. sounds kinda’ racist.

Despite the science clearly demonstrating that risk of COVID infection no greater than other jobs and children less likely to be spreaders of COVID, many teachers cry for more pay, greater safety and any other reasons not work and still get paid. Even one of the lefts most ardent heroes, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said months ago it was time to reopen schools.

What price are the unions exacting on our kids? Research is pointing to the downside of keeping kids home. Besides not learning, they are also not socializing. This is leading to depression, poor nutrition, increased drug use and suicide. These costs are not in the union’s calculation nor of any concern to them. It’s about political power, pure and simple.

President Joe Biden was recently asked to weigh in on the schools reopening. He dodged the issue and talked about the COVID relief bill and investments needed in school safety. This was another missed opportunity for the President as he sided with his big money donors. School reopening is not a right or left issue but it appears to be a political one.

Heartlanders don’t like or support all the faux racism charges. It is used to demean and dehumanize opponents. It cheapens real racist activity as rare as it is today. So, we do not call the teacher unions racist. They are just an organization of power hungry, greedy, lazy and selfish dolts that use the dues of many hard-working teachers to prioritize their needs over children’s. In many ways, that seems worse. has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. Please consider subscribing. You can also find us at

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