Applications on the rise for Mall Cops and other related jobs

Updated: May 19, 2020

Many are looking for work as the pandemic stripped away millions of American jobs. One of the hottest areas for applicants is a bit of a surprise – mall cops. Wayne Strickland, CEO of one of the largest employment agencies in Arkansas, ManTemp, has seen applications soar. “Phones and email are blowing up” he said. “As the war on social distancing has reached a fever pitch we are finding many wanting to join the front lines to protect America”. It seems mall cops, security guards, beach patrols and park rangers are the most sought after.

Jacob Hall, a newly hired security guard at Fair Hills Mall outside of Fargo, North Dakota said “I am so lucky to have made the cut at Fair Hills”. “I was a middle school lunch room monitor and PE coach before,” he said. “The action here is much more rewarding”. Mr. Strickland said most of the applicants seem to come from similar backgrounds. “You would be surprised how many applications we get from Catholic nuns, TSA officers, HOA leaders, airline gate agents and HR managers”. Nuns are very successful as beach patrol agents. I have placed dozens in Southern California”.

Shelly Addison, newly minted security guard posted at a closed garden center outside of Grand Rapids, MI said "I think my previous experience as an airline gate agent prepared me well for this. I keep that air of authority during the long tirades I have to endure as people tell me their sob stories. No matter what they say, no one is getting in this establishment until I say so".

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