American Taxpayers Ask for a “Thank You”

With the passage of the $1.9 trillion “COVID Relief” bill congress has just saddled each American taxpayer with an additional $12,000 in taxes. I don’t know about you, but we don’t like the idea of our politicians using our tax dollars to pander and bribe their voters.

Neither do the members of a new group called Americans for Appreciation (AFA.) This group is helping Americans to understand who really pays for all that spending. As Jordan Debtor states, “If everyone who takes from the taxpayer had to thank them it might start to dawn on them who is paying for all this. My parents always told me to say ‘thank you’ when you were given gifts."

The AFA is suggesting the following groups acknowledge the generosity of the taxpayer:

  • Poorly run states and cities. Big beneficiaries of the new money are the states (California, New York, New Jersey) and big cities (Chicago, New York, Los Angeles) that can’t manage money. So, the AFA is requesting that all politicians from those locales take out op-eds monthly to thank the taxpayers who are making up for their incompetence.

  • Members of Teachers and Civil Service Unions. What a great country. Charge your members fees, use those fees to elect politicians you then influence to raise your pay and cut back the amount of work you do. The AFA suggest each pay period, these employees in order to get their paycheck must write a thank you note to a minimum of 10 taxpayers telling them how much they appreciate the rigged system.

  • Recipients of government handouts. Since the war on poverty started in the 1960s over $22 trillion dollars has been spent to eradicate it. The poverty rate has not budged. The new bill has a host of more government handouts in it. The AFA suggests that recipients of welfare, food assistance, child assistance and other forms of state and federal funding simply say “thank you” to those that are working and paying taxes. Only 50% of Americans are net payers of federal income taxes but are required to shoulder the burden for everyone. “Many Americans think the government provides these benefits but all they do is collect from givers, skim off the top to pay a large bureaucracy, and then provide the rest to takers,” said Mr. Debtor. “We want to ensure that recipients know where the money is coming from by inserting on all federal correspondences and remittances ‘compliments of the United States taxpayer.’

The AFA stopped short of suggesting that the political elites and elected officials in our federal government should show appreciation to the taxpayers. You know, actually acknowledge the hard working Americans that make all their frivolous spending and pandering possible. As one smart person once put it “goals should be realistic and attainable.” has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. Please consider subscribing. You can also find us at

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