America’s Greatest Threat is What?

In one of the many great scenes in the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy and her friends discover the wizard is not a giant omnipresent magical entity but really just a little man. He speaks into his giant microphone and says “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”. Heartland News suggest that you follow that advice when listening to our current President. He is saying the words but others are pulling his levers.

How do we know this? Because depending on the day and who is in charge the greatest threat to America changes. Weeks ago, Joe Biden told a joint session of congress that “white supremacy was the most lethal threat to America”. Last week he told our troops that “global warming presents the greatest threat to America”. He followed that up with the comment “this is no joke”. Well, we know when he says that, it really is a joke.

So, which is it? Millions of white supremacists stalking our cities, causing riots and lynching people that don’t look like them? Wait a minute, that’s not happening. Thousands are being gunned down in the streets and rioting occurred all last summer but that was not white supremacists. In fact, only some were white guilt-ridden leftists.

Or is it the fact that sea levels could rise a few inches over the next hundred years causing mankind to adjust as we have for thousands of years before? That is assuming that private enterprise and a capitalist system is unable to find innovation to help solve the problem. Funny as it sounds to normal thinking people, some are even blaming racism for climate change. Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore.

So, the people tightly controlling Joe Biden are using the “wizard” to pander and create enemies so that the weakest among us will rely on big government to rescue us. We can all be saved for a few trillion dollars in taxes, more government restrictions and sweat of the backs of working Americans. Before we get into our balloon and float away from this fantasy, we should probably talk about what are real candidates for the greatest threat to America. Here are some contenders:

  • Broken education system. Millions are being uneducated and indoctrinated in our nations K-12 schools and colleges. They barely know history, math or civics but they get “educated” on gender, race and how to be a victim. The crazy woke stuff happening in corporate America and media is partly the result of years of educational brainwashing. It’s probably going to get worse before it gets better.

  • Overbearing and controlling government. We saw it first hand during the pandemic and the thirst for power is not abating. Rules, regulations and restrictions are ways to circumvent the constitutional rights we all have. Unfortunately, too many are willing to give them up to “feel” safe. Before citizens of Oz get too comfortable, you might ask the North Koreans, 12 million Chinese Uighurs or Middle East Christians how safe they feel?

  • Global Terrorism. These are not the dummies that rioted at the capital. The real terrorists have guns, bombs, money and ambition to destroy the western world. They have not gone away and after President Biden’s display of weakness at the G7 they must be thinking how easy it will be. Strength and resolve are all that keeps terrorist in check and Biden’s America is demonstrating they have neither.

  • Uncontrolled southern border. Just because the media is not covering the disaster at the border doesn’t mean it is not happening. Drugs, gangs, undocumented and illegal aliens are streaming across. Fentanyl from China is coming across with the help of cartels and it is killing tens of thousands of people each year. MS-13 has roots in our major cities and violent crime follows. We have created a permanent underclass of low wage, uneducated people and sometimes violent criminals that have not been properly vetted.

But go on believing what the wizard says. Yep, white supremacy or global warming are your biggest threats. You can skip down the yellow brick road all you want but reality will eventually bite you in the ass. We have real and deepening threats and pretending they don’t exist will not save you. has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. Please consider subscribing. You can also find us at

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