Affirmative Action Coming to a Home Near You

More and more Americans are working from home these days driven by the COVID pandemic. This has sounded alarm bells for the Affirmative Action and Diversity and Inclusion Industry. They fear racism will grow as white employees cocoon in their homes not being in environments with co-workers of many races and backgrounds. “We are concerned that any progress we have made in educating workers on white privilege and cisgender bias will be lost now that more are working from home,” said Pat Firedly, spokesperson for The Society of D&I Professionals (SDIP).

The SDIP has proposed that organizations adopt an in-home Affirmative Action program immediately. “White employees with no racial diversity in the home should be required to house, feed and support a person from another race during the work week. This will ensure that any microaggressions and other white privilege violations can be identified and rectified quickly,” said no pronoun Pat Firedly.

The SDIP has volunteered to train the in-home consultants. It seems that identifying racist activity takes a trained person. “What we are looking for are not overt racist activity. We see no behavior like that anymore. What we train for are the subconscious racial bias and privilege behaviors that our trained in-home experts can identify. It will also allow for one on one feedback and corrective action,” said Jamie Clark, D&I consultant from Berkeley, California.

It seems some workers are not too keen on the idea. One software engineer who refused to be identified said, “This is a horrible idea. When I worked in an office and attended the mandatory training, I could nod my head and occasionally say how sorry I was for being white. Then I could go on with my day. Having to deal with this crap all the time will make it unbearable.” Another unidentified worker said, “I see this adding to racial issues not eliminating them. I am very engaged via conference and zoom calls with my coworkers and it seems we all are much happier not having to attend training activity.”

No pronoun Jamie Clark said, “That is exactly the white privilege behavior we must address. This has never been about white workers being happy. We must root out all racism that our trained experts can find. The D&I industry has much work still to do.” has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. To get all of our posts consider subscribing.

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