Activities Posing Greatest Covid Risk To Protesters

With the coronavirus spiking in a number of states, an agitator group has released a ranked list on how risky certain activities are when it comes to contracting Covi-19.

The Society for Civil Disobedience and Fake Outrage (SCDFO) published a list of 14 activities on a scale from 1-10. Below is the list from highest risk to lowest:

10) Gang assaulting shop owners, innocent bystanders, motorists, cops, journalists and each other.

9) Attending a large "peaceful" protest

9) Group looting and statue toppling

8) Living in an occupied zone

8) Passing of guns, ammunition stolen goods, drug paraphernalia and bogus literature to one another

8) Disrupting public forums and church services in groups of 10 or more

7) Attending group Molotov cocktail, sign and bomb making parties

7) Group tearing down, stomping and burning the American flag.

6) Kneeling in close proximity to each other

5) Being hospitalized or incarcerated for a period of two days or more

4) On the rare occasion you date someone as angry and socially isolated as you

3) Living with 3 or more in a studio or basement apartment

2) Shouting at your parents when they raise the rent or ask you to get a real job

1) Doxxing through social media and surfing the dark web

SCDFO spokesperson, Kimberly Kos-Kramer said "We hope this guide will help our comrades judge the level of risk they are willing to take. Of course, we always encourage mask wearing. It will slow the spread and make it harder to be identified on video."

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