A Woman’s Guide to Finding the Right Man has been hearing women say that they cannot find good men to date and potentially marry. We wanted to help by providing this guide to narrow down the potential suiters. Answer the following questions to help you find the right man for you:

1. Which do you prefer:

a. A man that cold cocks an innocent store owner during a “peaceful” protest, and/or takes video on phone rather than help someone who is in trouble.

b. A man that would come to my aid if I was being accosted.

c. I don’t need no man to protect me. I’m as strong as any man, and I carry mace.

2. Which do you prefer:

a. A man that prefers pate, red Bordeaux with a hint of cherry, and vegetarian hamburgers.

b. A man that enjoys good barbeque, chilled beer and a good fish fry.

c. I don’t eat with men; they tend to be pigs.

3. What is your ideal date?

a. Picks me up in a Porsche or limo, red roses, dinner and opera.

b. Don’t care about the car, something fun where we can get to know each other and not pretend to be someone we are not.

c. I call, he shows up and we do what I want…… He pays.

4. What defines a well-educated man?

a. An aspiring actor, lawyer, Ivy league political science degree or a graduate degree in humanities.

b. We have intelligent discussions on most everything in life and he holds well thought-out opinions that may be different than mine.

c. Agrees with me, because I am very bright.

5. What topics should be discussed on a first date:

a. My previous bad relationships, how ignorant conservatives and those knuckle draggers that support Trump are.

b. Keep it light. Have fun and see if we find a connection.

c. I am wide open as long as it is all about me.

6. Opening a door for me is:

a. A patriarchal act best left in the dark ages.

b. A nice gesture that shows respect.

c. That happens, he takes me home immediately if I don’t deck him right there.

7. I like men that enjoy the following:

a. Polo, opera, Broadway theater, awards shows and lots of cats.

b. Sports, action movies, good music and vacations that help them recharge from a highly demanding career.

c. Women’s marches and worshipping me.

If most of your answers were A, you will find men your style at the following:

· Most Ivy League bars and dating sites.

· Nordstrom men’s departments and Vineyard Vines stores.

· Democratic fund raisers focused on Diversity and Inclusion.

· Ecotourist vacations helping endangered species

If you answered C most often you will find men your style at the following:

· Rehab Centers.

· Prison outreach.

· Narcissists self-help conventions.

· Hook up sites because something longer term is pretty much out of the question.

If you answered mostly B, you will find good men everywhere. They are just a bit gun shy because of the few women who would answer mostly A or C. Our research suggests, men like to be men, like women who like to be women and want a relationship built on respecting the differences that make a good partnership. has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. To get all of our posts consider subscribing.

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