41% Approval; Who in the Heck are the 41%?

A most recent poll found that only 41% of Americans approve of the job that President Joe Biden is doing. Many see this as a major disappointment. Normally presidential polls do not get that low for any sitting president. At we are also disappointed. Not because of the low approval numbers but that 41% still approve of Joe Biden.

Let’s face it. Everything the man touches turns to dust. Afghanistan, the border, international relations, economy, vaccine roll-out and energy prices are just a few of his failings. How in the heck can anyone approve of this performance?

We set out to do some investigation of the poll numbers and who actually make up the 41%. Our President, Emeritus, Chief Research Officer, Patrick Gahagan identified a good portion of those that make up Biden’s approval. Mr. Gahagan said, “We were able to dive into the numbers a bit deeper and what we found should surprise no one”. The 41% included the following:

  • College students. Some of the less civic minded people in America. Most could not pass a citizenship test but they can spout leftist dogma learned in school.

  • Pot smokers. Spend more time thinking about living in a simulation or playing video games than the leader of the free world’s actions.

  • Elected Officials. Swamp creatures make their fortunes and gather power from being aligned with the power in Washington

  • CNN / MSNBC loyal watchers. No diversity of opinion allowed. Spoon fed only things that makes them feel comfortable and aligns with their world view. No matter how often what they are told turns out to be wrong.

  • Munchausen syndrome individuals. Love to be the victim. Even if it hurts.

  • Sadists. Like to make other people victims. They feed off of others pain.

  • Drama Queens. Live for fear porn. Their lives are so mundane and boring they need crisis after crisis to have meaning. Biden delivers this in spades.

It seems that Mr. Biden has room to go lower in his approval. He is only 7 months into his Presidency and there is so much more that can go wrong. The few sane and together people still approving of him will be forced to accept reality soon.

The media is trying to save the President but eventually they will discover what we know in the heartland. No matter how much lip stick you put on the pig, it is still a pig. Hopefully Americans have had enough. has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. Please consider subscribing. You can also find us at

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