10 Key Learnings from the Pandemic

Much of America is finally getting back to life after the COVID-19 pandemic. We continue to see unfortunate deaths and sickness but for those vaccinated, naturally immune and not in high-risk groups, life is returning to a somewhat normal state. (Except in places like Los Angeles) Freedom has returned where the strong fist of government has lifted. decided to take stock of the last 18 months and compile a list of key learnings from the pandemic. We applaud how the country reacted early in the pandemic with little knowledge or science available. However, about 90 days in, things got ugly and it is important we don't lose sight of these learnings:

  • American public is soft. Previous generations would hang their heads in shame if they saw how wide swaths of Americans reacted to the pandemic. Many were scared little children wanting mommy government to fix everything. Many continue to choose a federal welfare pittance rather than work. Some ratted out, attacked or socially condemned those that chose not to follow arbitrary edicts from local, state and the federal government. In general, we were good little lambs.

  • Unelected officials controlled your life. Whether it was a local and state health department, CDC or the World Health Organization, unelected bureaucrats took control and most of our elected officials did little to stop them. Schools shuttered, curfews enforced, businesses closed and freedom squelching mandates imposed.

  • Your government picked and chose winners and losers. Churches were ordered closed but Wal-Mart and casinos were open. BLM protests and riots were deemed OK but family holiday gatherings were not. Pelosi and Lightfoot got haircuts, Gavin Newsome ate at a fancy restaurant, elites (like MI Governor Whitmer) traveled despite regulations forbidding it, but a mother playing with her kids in a park gets arrested.

  • Most only believed “Science” when it agreed with their world view. By its nature science is imperfect and should be challenged, tested and updated. However, it was clear early on that those most likely to die from Covid were the elderly (+75 years), obese and those with weakened immune systems. Yet, schools and businesses were closed for everyone. It is clear the natural immunity from having COVID is as effective as a vaccine (if not more) yet they want everyone vaccinated. Early research concluded it takes prolonged close proximity to catch the virus yet many places required masks outside and children to play tennis and run track with masks on.

  • Churches were weak. Nearly all large denominations folded like a cheap suit under government mandates. Despite the obvious arbitrary nature of the rules, most churches did not fight for the right to worship. A few did fight back while others adapted with virtual and limited services. To be fair, some were reacting to a scared group of congregants however, in hindsight this was not a stellar moment for our churches.

  • Social media is not your friend. If you questioned the China wet market theory you were censored. Scientists that challenged the mandates and emergency powers were deleted. Instead of fostering a free flow of ideas and debate, all opposition to the prevailing narrative was muted. As it turns out, much of the fact checking turned out to be wrong itself. Enlightened Americans found out it is imperative that they work at getting a balanced view outside of social and main stream media sources.

  • Teacher unions are our enemy. Kids and teachers are not high risk. Period. Virtual schools are not effective and a good number of kids lost a year of education.

  • Vaccines were developed when government regulation was lifted and free enterprise was allowed to work. The federal government did not produce the vaccines, they got out of the way. It is imperative that we remember this.

  • Politicians used the pandemic. Emergency powers changed how we voted, traveled and assembled. As the pandemic lifts, the politicians are reluctant to give back their control. Most saw the pandemic as a way to move on their agenda. The bigger and more maternal the government is, the better for way too many Americans.

  • China is our biggest foe. The leading theory now is the virus came from a lab. Manipulated by the Chinese and leaked accidentally. But the pandemic taught us another important lesson. The Chinese control too much of our supply chain and materials needed to fuel America’s economic engine. They are not our friend and saying that is not "Asian hate".

History will not look favorably to our handling of the pandemic. We were manipulated, controlled and treated like malleable little children. Let’s hope in the future we learned these valuable lessons and are prepared to take control for ourselves and those we love.

If not, we have provided a playbook for the powerful and power hungry. We can expect the next “emergency” to be right around the corner. has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. Please consider subscribing. You can also find us at

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